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In an increasingly digital world, providing a safe educational environment includes protecting staff and students from cyber threats. But that’s not easy when you must secure more than 1,200 endpoints across several campuses and locations.

An educational services company in Singapore faced just that scenario. The company was responsible for providing accessibility to services, platforms, and resources that enhanced students’ educational experiences, but didn’t have a dedicated cybersecurity team. The company turned to Trend Micro for help. Trend Micro responded with a flexible, straightforward, hybrid cloud endpoint security solution that keeps staff and students safe while enabling easy and convenient deployments, configurations, and updates.

We don’t have a designated cybersecurity team, so it’s critical that our solutions make our jobs easier while providing the protection our company needs. Trend Micro solutions do that — and more.

Senior IT Specialist

Singapore Educational Services


Professional Services


Symantec, Sophos


Singapore, Asia Pacific

IT Environment

1,200 endpoints, with applications and services deployed on-premises and in the cloud


  • Allows a small, in-house IT team to efficiently manage robust endpoint security
  • Provides easy endpoint installations, configurations, and updates across a broad span of devices
  • Improves threat mitigation by offering a 360-degree visibility into vulnerabilities along with threat intelligence analysis
  • Enables fast issue resolution through responsive, customized support


The company’s previous endpoint solution was hosted on-premises, making it difficult to synchronize endpoints with the server and get the latest definitions out to devices when users were working offsite. This problem was compounded by limited visibility into the sources of vulnerabilities at the device level. The lack of insight made it almost impossible to mitigate these vulnerabilities and protect against future risk.

The Trend Micro support team is very responsive in helping us resolve issues, and our account manager does a great job at recommending solutions that improve our organization’s security posture.

Senior IT Specialist


The educational services company chose Trend Micro as its security partner due to the strength of its security solutions and its customer support. Trend Micro solutions offer the convenience and flexibility the company needed to easily apply configurations and updates to all devices, all at one time. This was matched by Trend Micro’s superior customer support, which includes prompt responses to help resolve issues and recommendations on the latest security solutions and initiatives.


Given the IT team’s limited resources, keeping endpoints updated and protected automatically was crucial. With Trend Micro Apex One™ and Trend Micro Cloud One™, endpoint installations are easy and straightforward. Default policies are configured by the IT team and then automatically deployed to devices. The comprehensive device management capabilities of Trend Micro Apex Central™ allow the team to keep devices up and running with the latest configurations, wherever those devices are.

With the assistance of Trend Micro Vision One™ and its extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities, the team can monitor potential threats detected on its endpoints. The solution also monitors cloud applications accessed via the company’s endpoints and flags any risky applications for further investigation. Trend Micro Vision One offers a consolidated view as well as a comprehensive threat intelligence analysis, with dashboard summaries that provide the usage insights the team needs to bolster defense.


The company reports that its end-to-end threat mitigation has vastly improved. With full visibility into vulnerabilities at the device level, the IT team can now easily identify where threats are coming from and resolve issues quickly. Robust threat monitoring, along with detailed threat intelligence analysis, enhances the team’s ability to protect against threats both on-premises and in the cloud.

With dashboard summaries at their fingertips, the team can better understand which applications could present risk to the organization and respond accordingly. Automated, cloud-based device synchronization ensures that all the company’s devices have the latest configurations and definitions, which helps boost endpoint protection while supporting a more efficient IT environment.

Customer support from the Trend Micro team continues to be a significant benefit.


Providing superior support to students and staff is a high priority for the company’s IT team. With digital transformation and empowerment included in the company’s future roadmap, the team is always looking to enhance its digital solutions. Adopting innovative, cloud-based security solutions is key to enhancing its delivery of educational services to students.

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