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Leading Cloud Security Designed to Protect
Your Azure Workloads.

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We make cloud security simple.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, powered by XGen, delivers robust protection for your cloud and data center with the simplicity of a single agent. Fully integrated with Microsoft Azure, Deep Security is easy to scale and provides continuous compliance without slowing you down.

Optimized for Azure


Deep Security helps you to easily secure, monitor, and manage your Azure workloads through the Azure Security Center.

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Secure the hybrid cloud


Deep Security delivers a complete suite of security capabilities that protect your applications and data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments using a single agent.

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Accelerate compliance  


Deep Security speeds compliance—helping you meet mission-critical PCI DSS and HIPAA requirements as well as government certifications, automatically.

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Cloud security is a shared responsibility.

Azure provides a secure cloud infrastructure. But you need to protect what you put in the cloud. That’s where Deep Security comes in.

Improve your Azure deployments with a set of comprehensive security capabilities automated for Microsoft Azure workloads so they won’t slow you down.


Deep Security enables you to:

  • Defend against network threats with Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • Protect against vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed
  • Keep malware off your Windows and Linux workloads
  • Know when unplanned or suspicious changes are made to your systems
  • Protect your workloads of Windows Server 2003 after end of support
  • Simplify PCI-DSS compliance with multiple controls in one product

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Trusted by top organizations around the world.

Trend Micro Deep Security protects more servers globally than anyone else.*

*Server Security: Virtualization & Cloud Changes Everything, IDC Tech Spotlight, January 2017.