CVE-2023-20198 - Cisco IOS XE WebUI Authentication Bypass Exploit - HTTP (Request)



This is Trend Micro detection for HTTP network protocol that manifests exploit activities and can be used for Point of Entry or Lateral Movement.

The host exhibiting this type of network behavior is likely compromised by malware, or being used by a malicious insider to gain unauthorized access to other hosts in the network.

CVE Exploit: CVE-2023-20198


Attack Phase: Point of Entry or Lateral Movement

Protocol: HTTP

Risk Type: OTHERS
(Note: OTHERS can be network connections related to hacking attempts, exploits, connections done by grayware, or suspicious traffic.)

Threat Type: Exploit

Confidence Level: High

Severity: High(Outbound)| Medium(Inbound)

DDI Default Rule Status: Enable

Event Class: Exploit

Event Sub Class: Application

Behavior Indicator: Exploit

APT Related: NO


Network Content Inspection Pattern Version: 1.15483.00
Network Content Inspection Pattern Release Date: 16 Nov 2023
Network Content Correlation Pattern Version: 1.15277.00
Network Content Correlation Pattern Release Date: 16 Nov 2023

Immediate Action

  • Change all passwords of the host and ensure the use of strong passwords.
  • Strong passwords should contain upper case letters, lower case letters, digits, punctuation marks, and other symbols. Remove any unrecognizable files, software, or services.
  • Update your Trend Micro products and pattern files to the latest version.
  • Scan the host for possible malware detection and to clean any detected items.

Secondary Action

To prevent future exploits, ensure that the host and others visible to the external network have their browsers, plugins, and operating systems fully updated with the latest patches. Also, use virtual patching even if the needed patch is still not available for deployment.

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