Internet of Experiences (IoX)

The internet of experiences (IoX) focuses on how users interact with the technology around them. Manufacturers and companies invested in developing IoX platforms try to give users practical experiences with the internet of things (IoT). While the IoT is about creating smarter and more connected machines, the IoX is about the relationship of users to these devices and how people can use them to improve their quality of life.

For example, within a smart city, sensors on roads may detect a traffic jam and communicate this to drivers with smart cars. Citizens could then be rerouted to a less crowded road. The IoX can also involve wearable technology. A smart watch or health band can monitor vital signs and coordinate with a smart fridge to recommend certain foods, or if it senses that the user is cold, it can communicate with a smart thermostat. The IoX is ultimately about connecting the IoT devices with users, whether it be for practical cases, entertainment, or even work.