Scammers Distribute Emails Falsely Claiming to Come from Trend Micro

 Analysis by: Adriel Isidro

In a campaign we observed at the beginning of September 2020, spammers have aimed to spread tech support scams via email. The spammed message, which claims to come from a senior manager at Trend Micro, purports to be an automatic debit for a Trend Micro subscription. The email body goes on at length about how a service has already expired and will be immediately and automatically renewed for a 3-year contract.

The charges will be allegedly debited from the recipient's bank account. The email indicates a contact number and instructs the user to call them to terminate the contract and the renewal process. The sender further presses the recipient to call them as a fix was also given to the user's computer and the related invoice for it was sent. The spam email attempts to add legitimacy to the scam by using a Trend Micro header, which is displayed on a PDF attachment that shows a similar content with the email. It should also be noted that the email contains several grammatical errors.

The scammer even tells the recipient that they must be 'in front of the computer to cancel the subscription.' This technique is common among remote access scams that cyber crooks employ, so that they can remotely install malicious software that could steal a user's sensitive information.

A multilayered approach to security is recommended in campaigns like this. Users will benefit from anti-spam protection that weeds out spammed emails such as this one. Trend Micro users are protected from these spam emails. We also advise that users coordinate only with authorized Trend Micro sales agents. Be mindful to never give away credit card information and refrain from opening unsolicited emails, especially those with attachments.
 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: September 08, 2020 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:8.5.1020
  • PATTERN:25652.007