Rule Update

24-011 (February 27, 2024)


* indicates a new version of an existing rule

Deep Packet Inspection Rules:

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server
1011929* - Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2023-44324)

DCERPC Services
1003761* - SMBv2 Infinite Loop Vulnerability
1004542* - Windows Netlogon Service Denial Of Service (CVE-2010-2742)

DCERPC Services - Client
1004924* - Color Control Panel Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability Over Network Share (CVE-2010-5082)
1004926* - Indeo Codec Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability Over Network Share (CVE-2010-3138)

Fortra GoAnywhere MFT
1011958* - Fortra GoAnywhere MFT Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2024-0204)

Jenkins Remoting
1011966* - Jenkins Arbitrary File Read Vulnerability Over HTTP (CVE-2024-23897)

Open Automation Software Platform OAS
1011934* - Open Automation Software OAS Platform Improper Authentication Vulnerability (CVE-2022-26833)

SolarWinds Orion Platform
1011977 - SolarWinds Orion Platform SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2023-35188)
1011935* - SolarWinds Orion Platform SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2023-40056)

Splunk Enterprise
1011937* - Splunk Enterprise Arbitrary File Write Vulnerability (CVE-2023-46214)

Web Application PHP Based
1011975 - WordPress 'Backup Migration' Plugin Command Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2023-7002)

Web Server HTTPS
1011973 - Cacti SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2023-51448)
1011944* - Trend Micro Apex Central Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2023-52326)
1011943* - Trend Micro Apex Central Local File Inclusion Vulnerability (CVE-2023-52325)

Windows Services RPC Server DCERPC
1003766* - Local Security Authority Subsystem Service Integer Overflow Vulnerability

Integrity Monitoring Rules:

1010950* - Linux/Unix - sudo files modified (ATT&CK T1548.003)

Log Inspection Rules:

There are no new or updated Log Inspection Rules in this Security Update.