ZBOT and a CapitalOne Phish

From: Capital One
Subject: This Document Contains Important Information

Dear Capital One TowerNetSM or Treasury Optimizer user,

As part of the new terms and conditions of the Data Access Agreement between your organization and the Capital One, your organization will be given a Digital Certificate.

Because of the private nature of the client data, worldwide access via Web to that data, and the potential for fraud, the system must be certain of user identity and authorization. Capital One online banking services use two security mechanisms:
1. Customer & User Codes and passwords to identify users; and
2. Digital certificates to ensure that the user is access the business services through a valid computer, in a trusted organization.

Each registered user must have the Capital One's digital certificate installed on his or her machine in order to access online banking services.

To pickup and install your Digital Certificate, please visit:

http:// {BLOCKED}et.capitalonebank.com/capitaloneid/usersdir/formpage.aspx/index.php?em={email}&id={BLOCKED}6778288580004

Please do not respond to this message as it is generated automatically. 

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: October 21, 2009 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:10000
  • PATTERN:6962

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