Trend Micro IoT Security™

Secure endpoint SDK for IoT device makers

For network and edge layer protection, Trend Micro offers Trend Micro IoT Security™ (TMIS), a secure endpoint SDK for IoT device makers to integrate with IoT devices, mobile apps, web apps, and IoT gateways. TMIS is a security client that provides protection against hacking for a wide range of products. It requires minimum effort to deploy while providing maximum protection by leveraging threat intelligence from the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, which is powered by Trend Micro’s advanced research capabilities.


Most security and intelligence services rely on Trend Micro Secure Cloud servers. For cloud protection, Trend Micro offers Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ as a cloud security deployment.

On-the-Go Risk Detection and Risk Assessment
Identifies and evaluates vulnerabilities and anomalies that could lead to safety risks and data security breaches
In-System Protection
Protects devices from hacking attempts and prevents attacks from interfering with their integrity
Business Continuity Management
Features a web-based management console that provides administrators full visibility of the cybersecurity status of their devices via a dashboard and allows them to manage and deploy virtual patches to minimize potential vulnerabilities
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