Hybrid Cloud Changes the Game for Security

How to protect critically important data residing on server workloads across the hybrid cloud while achieving significant operational benefits.  

April 17, 2019

Embracing new technologies to gain benefits like increased agility and rapid application delivery makes good business sense, but existing architectures also need to be maintained and secured. With increasingly sophisticated threats and attacks arriving in ever-growing volumes, protection for the critically important data residing on server workloads across the hybrid cloud has never been more important. And intensifying regulatory requirements like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) means that organizations must secure servers and applications wherever they are running, or risk substantial fines and penalties.

The Need for Speed—Securely
Organizations adopt new technologies like virtualization and the cloud to improve the way they run IT. The specific motivations vary, but typically include accelerating time-to-market, addressing capacity changes in economical ways, and dealing with ever-increasing compliance challenges. But there is a potential downside. Organization can quickly become overwhelmed by the complexity that comes with constantly deploying the “latest thing” without centralized coordination. And every new technology brings with it new security risks in an environment already under constant threat. In the first half of 2018 alone, there were 944 confirmed data breaches leading to 3.3 billion data records compromised worldwide1, including MyFitnessPal (150 million accounts)2 and Facebook (50 million accounts)3. Attackers will continue their quest to breach your organization, and you need to be prepared to stop them—no matter how much the threat landscape shifts.

Too Many Tools, Not Enough Resources
The security needs of every new technology are unique and must be considered case-by-case, not from a generic perspective. This approach helps to prevent the all-too-common problem: Too many disparate security tools and no plan to manage them efficiently. ESG research estimates that the majority of organizations have over 25 different security tools5, introducing significant complexity and operational costs. As well, the fact that some tools work only in the data center and not the cloud makes matters even worse.

As applications migrate from the data center to the cloud and multi-cloud environments, protecting every server workload in every environment against both existing and new vulnerabilities is a daunting, but necessary challenge. It takes more time and more resources than many organizations can commit. According to Forrester Research, “Lack of skilled technical staff is a major challenge…24 percent of security technology decision-makers rate lack of staff as a challenge, and 21 percent find unavailability of security employees with the right skills a challenge.”4 Understandably, you cannot just create skilled people out of thin air, therefore you need a solution that does more so you don’t have to.

"In the first half of 2018 alone, there were 944 confirmed data breaches leading to 3.3 billion data records compromised worldwide."

One Automated Solution, Multiple Capabilities
Technical teams are stretched to the limit to meet the demand to deploy faster while maintaining security but Trend Micro offers a solution: Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, designed from the ground up for the hybrid cloud. Since the introduction of our optimized security for virtualization in 2009—an industry first—we have been delivering the new capabilities, environments, and security automation techniques organizations need to protect server workloads everywhere. And now, with Deep Security, organizations can have it all—multiple capabilities in a single product that protect workloads from advanced attacks, enables vendor consolidation, and streamlines the management of security across all environments to help close the skills gap.

Learn more about the challenges associated with protecting your hybrid cloud deployments and how you can be confident in your journey to overcome them by choosing Trend Micro in Servers, Servers, Everywhere: How the Hybrid Cloud is a Game Changer for Security from Trend Micro.

Servers, Servers EverywhereThere are attractive operational benefits in a hybrid cloud strategy, but they come with many new business and technical challenges. The right approach to hybrid cloud security can shift the workload security game in your favor.

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