Analysis by: Aileen Estrada

This spammed message aims to get email credentials. Using World Bank as bait, the message body states that the recipients are entitled to some form of payment from the institution. The message also states that a partnership with a security company ensures that information the recipient provides are kept confidential. The message further instructs the recipient to access the supposed institution's website by providing a link within the message contents. Users who click on the link are brought to a phishing page asking for email credentials:

When users log in to the actually are providing their email addresses to the site http://{BLOCKED} The user is then redirected to a legitimate security company's website.

Payment transactions by your bank are usually informed directly to you, quoting specific details about you or your account, which you have provided to trusted banking/financial institutions. Never give out any information especially if you are unfamiliar/unaware of any payment information.

  • PATTERN:8990