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...4029 (McAfee), W32.Kriz (Symantec), W95/Kriz.4608 (Avira), W32/Kriz (Sophos),Description:PE_KRIZ.4029-1 is a portable executable (PE is the standard executable format for 32-bit Windows files) virus. PE viruses...
Alias:W32.Kriz(Symantec),W32/Kriz(Sophos),Virus.Win32.Kriz.4029(Kaspersky),W95/Kriz.4608(Avira),W32/Kriz.4029.kernel (exact)(F-Prot),W32/Kriz.4029(McAfee)Description: This polymorphic Win32 virus runs on all Windows platforms but its infection routine only executes on Windows 95 and 98.
Alias:Virus.Win32.Kriz.4029 (Kaspersky), W32/Kriz.dr (McAfee), W32.Kriz (Symantec), W32/Kriz-Based (Avira), W32/Kriz (Sophos),Description:This is a File Infector virus. It is detected by the latest pattern file.
...which Trend Micro detects as yet another malware, PE_KRIZ.4029. Therefore, when this malicious script executes BBBS...machine also becomes infected by the WORM_BAGLE.X and PE_KRIZ.4029 malware. This malicious script runs on Windows 95...
4 Total Search   |   Showing Results : 1 - 4