Analysis by: Brooks Hong


Information Stealer




  • Threat Type: Backdoor

  • Destructiveness: No

  • Encrypted: No

  • In the wild: Yes


Infection Channel: Downloaded from the Internet

This iOS malware is related to the SEDNIT malware family. It is specifically designed for espionage on iOS devices. It steasl personal data, records audio, takes screenshots of the affected iOS device, and sends information to a remote command and control server. Users affected by this malware may find themselves at risk for identity theft and identity fraud.

To get a one-glance comprehensive view of the behavior of this Backdoor, refer to the Threat Diagram shown below.

This backdoor may be unknowingly downloaded by a user while visiting malicious websites.

It sends stolen data to certain websites.


File Size: 287,536 bytes
File Type: Mach-O
File Compression: ZIP
Memory Resident: Yes
Initial Samples Received Date: 30 Jan 2015
Payload: Steals information, Connects to URLs/IPs

Arrival Details

This backdoor may be unknowingly downloaded by a user while visiting malicious websites.

Mobile Malware Routine

Stolen data are sent to the following remote website(s):

  • http://{BLOCKED}.{BLOCKED}.64.218/

It also steals the following information from the affected device:

  • SMS messages
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Geo-location data
  • Recording voice
  • List of installed Apps
  • Process list
  • WIFI status


Minimum Scan Engine: 9.700

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This malware may not be easily seen in devices running on iOS 7 or earlier. We recommend installing a reliable third party app viewer to find and uninstall it from the apps list.

In iOS 8, the app is listed in the list of apps installed and may be removed directly from the list.

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