Analysis by: Weichao Sun


Information Stealer


Android OS


  • Threat Type: Trojan

  • Destructiveness: No

  • Encrypted: No

  • In the wild: Yes


Infection Channel: Dropped by other malware

This is the first Android malware discovered to abuse the TOR network in order to conceal its connection to its C&C server. Users affected by this malware may find the security of their mobile devices compromised.

To get a one-glance comprehensive view of the behavior of this Trojan, refer to the Threat Diagram shown below.

This malware leverages the TOR network to connect with a remote server. It may be installed manually by a user.


File Size: 4,885,996 bytes
File Type: APK
Memory Resident: Yes
Initial Samples Received Date: 17 Mar 2014
Payload: Compromises system security


This malware leverages the TOR network to connect with a remote server.

After installation, it shows the following common Android icon:

It runs at every system boot up. When first executed, it requests an administrator level permission and hide its icon from launcher.

It listens to SMS command from a remote C&C server. Based on the command, this malware may perform the following routines:

  • Send out all the installed apps
  • Start/stop steal sms
  • Make phone call
  • Start/stop intercept and steal SMS
  • Send SMS to a certain number provided by remote command
  • Update C&C number

All the responses of these commands are sent out via TOR network to the remote server.


Minimum Scan Engine: 9.700
VSAPI OPR PATTERN File: 1.683.00

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Step 2

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