• Threat Type: Others

  • Destructiveness: No

  • Encrypted:

  • In the wild: Yes


Heuristic Detection

This is the Trend Micro heuristic detection for suspicious files that manifest similar behavior and characteristics as the following malware:


If your Trend Micro product detects a file under this detection name, do not execute the file.


Minimum Scan Engine:



Submitting Samples

If you identified suspicious files, you may submit them to us. Sample files for submission must be in ZIP format and should be password-protected. To submit a ZIP file, file compression software such as Winzip must be used. A trial version of Winzip is available at

To compress a file, please follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the file and select Add to ZIP.
  2. Enter a file name for the ZIP file.
  3. On the Options menu, choose Encrpyt. In the input box, type virus. This serves as the password for the ZIP file.
  4. Send the sample through the following channels:
    • For Trend Micro premium customers, please submit a virus support case by clicking here.
    • For Trend Micro non-premium customers, please contact your local support network by visiting your Trend Micro regional website.
    • For non-Trend Micro customers, scan your system with HouseCall, our highly popular and capable on-demand scanner for identifying and removing viruses, Trojans, worms, unwanted browser plug-ins, and other malware.

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