The security you want. The agility you need.

Defending your AWS workloads demands a full suite of security capabilities. You need the best technology and expertise to fend off threats and accelerate compliance. With pricing you want to match your elastic workloads, we’ve got you covered.

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Single agent, suite protection.

Deep Security gives you a comprehensive set of security controls delivered from a single agent. Manage your security from a single console, API, or orchestration tool across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments.

Prevent intrusions

Security groups and NACLs ensure that traffic flows on the ports you want. But you also need to know what’s inside network packets to stop attacks before they reach your applications. Deep Security provides full stack intrusion prevention (IPS) that examines each packet—making sure it’s the type of traffic you want and that there’s nothing malicious hidden inside.

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Add security to DevOps

Automatic policy creation and management give your workloads the protection they need, when they need it. Deep Security integrates protection into your DevOps practice via the full API, scriptable components, or central UI, baking security into your workloads. Automated application control supports continuous application change so security won’t slow you down.


Stop patching live environments

Patching production workloads may seem archaic, but it’s a reality for legacy workloads. Even with blue/green deployments, you need to ensure that your workloads are protected from the latest vulnerabilities like Shellshock or Heartbleed. Deep Security shields unpatched systems, removing the need for expensive emergency patching and helps to align with your specific business needs and operational realities.

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Stop advanced threats

Attacks are getting more sophisticated. By using a combination of techniques, hackers can quickly move laterally through your deployment. To defend against advanced threats such as WannaCry and latest ransomware attacks, you need layered security like integrity monitoring, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and behavioral analysis applied at the right time. Deep Security does it all—without requiring you to have a PhD in cybersecurity.

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Gain actionable insight

Logs are security gold, but finding actionable insights in mountains of data can be challenging. Deep Security integrates with leading environments to make data mining easier by providing continuous monitoring of OS and app logs. We filter out the noise and reduce false positives, leaving you time to so that you can focus on real issues like brute force attacks and malicious activity, not failed logon attempts.

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Accelerate compliance

Compliance with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements isn’t a one-time activity, it’s continuous. But responding quickly to auditor or regulatory requests is difficult without a single view of security. With Deep Security, you can accelerate compliance by using a single tool that meets most compliance requirements not covered by AWS. And now compliance is even easier with our PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider certified Deep Security as a Service.

Accelerate PCI compliance

Deep Security offers a full suite of security controls to provide a layered defence for your workloads. See how easy it is to set up and automate security in AWS.

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