250 Hyatt Hotels Across 50 Countries Hit by Data Breach

Last Thursday, Hyatt announced that it discovered malicious software in about 250 of its hotels’ payment processing systems (mainly at its restaurants) that may have compromised customers’ credit and debit card details. According to Hyatt, the malware was present from August 13 to December 8, 2015.

Hyatt acknowledged in a statement that the issue is under investigation and that as of to date, there is no indication that other customer information was affected. The company encourages customers to remain vigilant and to review payment card account statements closely.

hyatt breach

In late November last year, both Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Hilton Worldwide reported a breach in their payment systems. These recent data breach reports in hotel chains reflect the continuous uptick in the case of PoS malware, which not only affects establishments, but customer data as well. Possibly affected individuals—those who may have used payment or credit cards in the affected establishments during the said period—are advised to regularly check bank statements and notifications to make sure that all transactions are accounted for, and to immediately report unverified transactions to the card issuer.

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