Trend Micro Announces Final Terms of Stock Acquisition Rights to be issued as Stock Options

Tokyo, Japan – September 29, 2016 - Trend Micro Incorporated (TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions, today announced the final terms of Stock Acquisition Rights to be issued as stock options.

1. Aggregate number of the Options to be issued:

11,440 in aggregate (The number of Option shares shall be 100 shares per one (1) Option)

2. Number of individuals who will be allotted the stock acquisition rights and number of stock acquisition rights to be issued:

Directors of the Company: 3 persons, a total of 1,200
Employees of the Company: 8 persons, a total of 1,100
Directors of its subsidiaries: 5 persons, a total of 1,070
Employees of its subsidiaries:  48 persons, a total of 8,070
Total: 64 persons, a total of 11,440 options


3. The amount of payment for the Options:

Payment of money is not necessary, however, the Options shall not be issued on the specifically advantageous conditions.

4. Class of shares to be issued upon exercise of the Options and number of shares to be issued upon exercise of the Options:

Ordinary shares of the Company      1,144,000 shares

5. The amount of assets to be contributed upon exercise of each Option:

354,500 yen per Option
(3,545 yen per share)



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