New HC7 Ransomware Variant First to Accept Ethereum (ETH) as Ransom Payment

As Ethereum (ETH) continues to soar in its market price, cybercriminals are quick to jump in on new opportunities to make a profit.  A new variant of the HC7 Planetary ransomware appears to be the first ransomware to accept the Ether cryptocurrency as ransom payment.

The HC7 Planetary variant is distributed via hacking into networks using remote desktop. Once the malicious actor hacks into the network, the ransomware is manually installed on all machines that can be accessed.

The ransomware, which is currently in the wild, encrypts files and appends them with a .PLANETARY extension. As seen in the ransom note below, the author demands US$700 per machine or $5,000 for all of the machines on the network.

Figure 1. HC7 Planetary ransomware ransom note (via

Notably, the ransomware lists Ethereum along with Bitcoin and Monero as an accepted cryptocurrency for payment. Ethereum is currently the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin at over $1,200 per coin, and is projected to triple in value in 2018.

In December 2017, security researchers discussed how HC7-encrypted files can be decrypted by performing memory forensics on a victim's machine in order to retrieve the password used on the command line when the ransomware was installed.  However, it is not clear if this method can be used to decrypt files hostaged by this new HC7 variant.

Users and enterprises can adopt these best practices to lower or eliminate the risk of ransomware infection.

Trend Micro Solutions

Enterprises can benefit from a multi-layered, step-by-step approach in order to best mitigate the risks brought by these threats. Email and web gateway solutions such as Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Email Inspector and InterScan™ Web Security prevent ransomware from ever reaching end users. At the endpoint level, Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites deliver several capabilities like high-fidelity machine learning, behavior monitoring and application control, and vulnerability shielding that minimize the impact of this threat. Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector detects and blocks ransomware on networks, while Trend Micro Deep Security™ stops ransomware from reaching enterprise servers–whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. Using a combination of technologies such as deep packet inspection and threat reputation, the TippingPoint also provides organizations with a proactive approach to security, including the tools to combat ransomware. In addition, Trend Micro XGen™ security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques against a full range of threats for data centerscloud environmentsnetworks, and endpoints. Smart, optimized, and connected, XGen™ powers Trend Micro’s suite of security solutions: Hybrid Cloud Security, User Protection, and Network Defense.


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