Assess What You Know About Targeted Attacks

Grounded in APT Facts Download the infographic: Grounded in APT Facts

Ninety-six percent of enterprises think they know what targeted attack campaigns are. But studies show that more than half can't even differentiate between traditional threats and actual attacks. How far is enterprise perception on their targeted attack preparedness from reality?

Comparing perceptions versus reality reveals the gaps in enterprise security strategies. For instance, many believe that social networking sites, BYOD, rooting, and jailbreaking spell trouble for IT professionals. However, research shows that most attackers actually choose spear phishing to try and get into a network.

If everyone with access to a company’s network takes the time to assess what they know and what they think they know, then it’s easier to develop a mindset prepared for any threat attackers may pose.

If an IT professional, for instance, is familiar with how to exactly catch all the tell-tale APT signs, he won’t only protect the network using traditional defense solutions like firewalls and free anti-malware. He will, instead, combine the traditional with the new—sandboxing, mobile anti-malware, and custom defense.

Review your targeted attack beliefs and perceptions with the enterprise preparedness infographic here.

Grounded in APT Facts

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