Protects client data with Deep Security


Excite Japan runs the portal site Excite, which provides services such as news and weather reports, dictionary and translation, transfer information for train passengers, and maps. In recent years, the company’s focus on an expansion of unique content such as counseling services performed by psychologists has been met with a favorable reception.

Security is essential when providing such a diverse range of services. “It is almost an inevitability that a site such as Excite will be targeted. We hold a variety of our customer data, including credit card information, so providing definitive protection for personal data is an extremely important issue for us,” says Excite Japan’s Takashi Fukuda.

Because of this, the company develops in-house applications by analyzing attack techniques with accumulated logs and has set up a load balancer to protect against DDoS attacks. For example, the system prevents large-volume of attacks and list-based attacks which discover user IDs and passwords by cutting off access when there is a large volume of access requests from the same IP addresses or when there are frequent verification errors.

However, there were also problems. “It is difficult to respond to the unknown threats that are appearing everyday by analyzing logs and developing and implementing countermeasure programs. In addition, making developers, whose main role is to develop new services, also perform analysis stretches us to our limits from a human resources perspective,” explains Excite Japan’s Yasuyuki Suzuki.


The company decided to a deploy a new security product in addition to its existing countermeasures and in-house applications. After comparing and testing various products, the company selected Trend Micro™ Deep Security™.

The first aspect of Deep Security that impressed Excite Japan was that it offered multilayered protection against threats by combining antivirus, Web application protection, IDS/IPS, anti-vulnerability measures (virtual patches), a firewall, and change monitoring. In addition, Deep Security’s logging functions allow easy, fast analysis using a simple and powerful interface.

“Even with the additional security product, we will still continue to develop in-house programs. We’ve already accumulated significant know-how when it comes to implementing countermeasures against new threats. Trend Micro Deep Security delivers valuable information and the ability to analyze it quickly and easily, which accelerates our ability to develop custom countermeasures,” says Suzuki.

"Trend Micro Deep Security is the optimum solution for us. It provides us with knowledge of threats and gives us the power to implement the appropriate countermeasures."

Takashi Fukuda,
Infrastructure Section Technology Service Division,
Excite Japan Co., Ltd.

Excite Japan is also impressed with the cost-performance of Deep Security due to the ease with which it can be deployed in an existing environment in a software-based solution. The fact that Deep Security Agents are compatible with the major types of server OS, including Windows, leading Linux distributions, and Solaris, also supported to select the solution.


Excite Japan has deployed Trend Micro Deep Security on its authentication server and is utilizing all of its functions to their fullest extent to protect the company’s services. “Our authentication server performs authentication processing across all of our services. Consequently, the authentication server is the main element in our company’s security measures, and we’ve concluded that it is also the optimum point for collecting threat information,” explains Fukuda.

Excite Japan has greatly enhanced the security level of its services through the deployment of Deep Security. “We had been collecting threat information from a variety of data sources every day and it was an extremely large burden to obtain the information, carefully inspect its content, and process it quickly. Now, Trend Micro provides us with the necessary patches and signatures as soon as a threat appears, which enhances the security of our system markedly,” says Suzuki.

The company has also achieved great success in its main goal of collecting threat information.

Since implementing Deep Security, Excite Japan has been checking alerts on the management screen daily, and the company immediately verifies logs in detail when there is a report that requires attention. Operations which immediately implement countermeasures when there is a problem have increased the accuracy of that analysis considerably.

When a new vulnerability is detected, Trend Micro distributes pattern files and signatures, and also provides explanations about the possible outcomes of that particular vulnerability so that the company is able to understand the current trends related to the threat from that point onward.

“The fact that we are able to contact professionals such as Trend Micro’s security administrators at any time and get the information that we need is a great reassurance. We are extremely grateful for Trend Micro’s support, which is always prompt and accurate. When we upgraded to the next version of Deep Security, its manuals were improved even further and were easier to understand, and we have noticed that the company is always making concerted efforts to enhance its support,” says Suzuki.

Excite Japan will continue to fully ascertain the trends of threats on the Internet and provide services that its customers can use with peace of mind, and Deep Security will act as a major pointer for these initiatives.

"Trend Micro’s prompt and friendly support gives us a great sense of security."

Yasuyuki Suzuki,
Membership & Payment Platform Section Technology Service Division,
Excite Japan Co., Ltd.

“We are considering future procedures to enhance security based on the knowledge that we obtain while using Deep Security,” concludes Fukuda. Trend Micro is ready to offer products and support which act as a powerful foundation for the company’s efforts.