Commercial Spams Take Advantage Of US Fourth of July Celebrations

 Analysis by: Mary Jen Sen Chua

Independence Day for the United States of America is here, or more commonly known as the Fourth of July. It's the day when the United States declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Often celebrated by fireworks, parades, carnivals, and concerts, it's a time-honored tradition for American citizens to take a break during this day while taking pride in their home country.

Of course, cybercriminals do not know the concept of a holiday being used to take a break. Rather, they'll be leveraging this event (and the others that follow it) for their own malicious purposes. This is proven by us receiving a handful of spammed mail samples, most of which use the Fourth of July celebrations as a reason for their sales promos and discounts. Peddling everything from printer ink to cars, the mails invite users to call numbers or click on links, and while none of them seem to be malicious or tied to any malicious activity, there's a good chance the sales and discounts are actually nonexistent, only lures to draw potential victims in.

Users are reminded to never read, open or click anything from unsolicited e-mails such as these. It's not worth the supposed 'savings' and 'convenience'.

The security offerings of Trend Micro protects its customers from these spammed mails.

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