Trend Micro vs. Palo Alto Networks

See why customers choose Trend over Palo Alto Networks.

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Palo Alto Networks

A robust solution with multiple security capabilities for endpoint, network, email, and cloud environments. Full integration and development from the ground up gives you expert XDR protection.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks’ platform offers comprehensive, advanced endpoint protection with extensive features. But known challenges include complexity in deployment and management, especially in diverse IT environments that impacts the protection levels.


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Palo Alto Networks

A multi-faceted integrated portfolio leverages our powerful Trend Vision One™ platform, delivering comprehensive threat detection and XDR. Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative™ (ZDI), the most substantial vulnerability research in the industry, enables higher detection of unknown threats.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks' platform offers robust detection capabilities, including AI-driven local analysis and cloud-based analysis to stop both known and unknown threats. Implementing such advanced technologies across multiple management consoles can introduce complexity, resulting in increased false positives.


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Palo Alto Networks

From threat detection and investigation analysis to containment and remediation and post-incident analysis, you are covered. Automated workbenches and AI provide easy-to-follow remediation steps.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offers comprehensive remediation capabilities through their security platform, focusing on minimizing the attack surface and responding swiftly to detected threats. The platform requires costly and complex additional licensing to deliver the full remediation capabilities, which can compromise the effectiveness of remediation.


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Palo Alto Networks

Automated deployment tools supported by extensive network surveillance provide a range of options, such as deployment scripts, workload security APIs, and templates for virtual machines. These resources enable smooth and efficient adaptation across a variety of settings.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks offers extensive deployment capabilities through its platform designed for flexibility across diverse IT environments. Due to the complexity of multiple management consoles with their security platform, the deployment process may require careful planning and can easily lead to misconfiguration.

3 top reasons why Trend outpaces Palo Alto Networks

Advanced threat defense and detection

Our expansive, cohesive collection of security tools delivers advanced threat defense and detection across different generations of cyber threats. Palo Alto Networks' centralized management is not as consolidated, leading to confusing detection.

Seamless and easy to use

Prisma Access is a complex solution. Deploying, implementing, and managing it can be quite daunting and requires substantial technical expertise. We enable users to refine security strategies and seamlessly update protocols.

Top-tier security

To access a full spectrum of security features, Palo Alto Networks' customers may have to purchase and maintain several licenses. Our automated workbenches and artificial intelligence technology elevate your cyber protection with explicit guidance for threat remediation.

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