Rapid Incident Response for Insurance Carriers and Law Firms

Stop breaches with the best response and detection technology on the market and reduce clients’ downtime and claim costs

Improve resiliency. Reduce claims. Minimize downtime.

Security is our mission. We’re laser-focused on protecting your clients before, during, and after breaches, harnessing our cybersecurity platform, Trend Vision One™, as well as our threat experts and Breach and Assessment Services. Breaches are costly and time-consuming, but our competitive rate structure is intended to reduce claims and keep your customers happy.

Armed with leading breach response and detection technology and bolstered by our incident response experts, Trend’s Incident Response (IR) team:

  • Contains, eradicates, and neutralizes the threat with minimal downtime and provides recommendations to improve future resiliency
  • Gains access to telemetry 92% faster than other companies to reduce claims
  • Discovers “patient zero” 90% quicker than other solutions with our patented technology to minimize downtime

Protection for every scenario


Help your clients strengthen their cybersecurity strategy through Trend Micro’s Pre-Breach and Incident Simulation services. We emulate real-world threats to assess the validity and strength of your client's cybersecurity infrastructure and controls with proactive testing and expert deep-dive assessments.

Take advantage of our expert services:

  • Compromise Assessment
  • OT Security Assessment
  • Tabletop Exercises


When a data breach occurs, time is of the essence. Our dedicated IR team responds to breaches and attacks with speed, efficiency, and precision to target “patient zero” sooner and get operations back up and running with minimal downtime.

Our expertise, tools, technology, and competitive rate structure are designed to help reduce the impact of the breach and the total cost of  setting a triage, collecting evidence, and securing the network.

How we minimize claims

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Our IR services include:

  • Ransomware investigation
  • Cloud incident response
  • Web app compromise
  • OT forensics
  • Advanced persistent threat investigation
  • Malware analysis
  • Digital forensics | Containment | Investigation
  • Structured data investigation


No Incident Response engagement would be complete without helping your clients reduce the risk of future incidents and cyber claims.

Through our post-breach recommendations, clients have access to threat-hunting and cyber security experts who will provide them with the steps needed to fortify and protect their environments from future attacks.

Why partner with Trend?

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Industry-leading technology

#1 rated Leader in XDR and EPP by Forrester for comprehensive insight into the attack surface and vulnerabilities.

Unmatched breadth and depth of protection and XDR layers, including the broadest set of native solutions, complemented with third-party integrations.

Unique virtual patching techniques address known vulnerabilities with immediate temporary protection, rapid response, and flexibility.

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35+ years of expertise and Innovation

Pioneering file, email, and web server security, virtual machine protection with VMWare, and cloud migration with AWS.

Risk Insights from launching a continual global risk assessment indicator for our customers long before it became an industry practice.

Leveraging vulnerability and exploit prioritization based on global research to alert customers within our platform to impending risks.

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Unparalleled threat intel and data

Zero Day Initiative helps catch and publish vulnerabilities an average of 30 days before discovery.

#1 Leader in Global Vulnerability Research since 2007 (OMDIA).

15 Global threat research centers, 750+ researchers and data scientists plus 10,000+ independent researchers fuel our intelligence.

Cutting-edge attack surface management identifies and reduces exposure to risks, attacks, and breaches.

Why customers choose Trend
"Trend Micro stepped up and ensured that our environment was fully optimized. When you have people who ensure you are fully protected, why would you want to leave?"
Troy Riegsecker,
Infrastructure Manager

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