Navigating a New Era of Cyber Risk

Drive business value with measurable cybersecurity outcomes


Cyber risk is business risk

As the security leader in your organization, you’re contending with an intensifying threat landscape and a sprawling attack surface. And you’re managing this amid resourcing constraints, compliance pressures, and stakeholder expectations. The stakes are high, and so are the risks.

Attack Surface Risk

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An expanding attack surface hasn’t just made identifying your cyber assets and attack vectors a struggle, it’s hindered your ability to understand where you’re exposed and if you can trust your security posture. Without insight into key risk factors and trends, you can’t define the security priorities required to meet strategic goals and drive performance metrics.

Threat Detection

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The modern threat landscape is driving an unprecedented volume of cyberattacks. This includes ransomware, phishing, data destruction, and supply chain attacks. It’s an ongoing challenge for your teams to stay ahead of adversaries and build the level of defense your organization requires to withstand and respond to threats quickly and confidently.

Cloud Transformation

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An aggressively growing rate of cloud technology and service usage has made achieving and maintaining security and compliance in the cloud difficult. Security must be an integral part of digital transformation and cloud adoption, so your team can innovate, migrate, and build in the cloud without leaving resources and data vulnerable.

Security Technology Complexity

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Siloed solutions cause security gaps and contribute to complicated workflows that slow security teams down. Complexity across security systems and business processes is your biggest roadblock to mitigating cyber risks, driving security effectiveness, and ensuring operational efficiency.


Manage cybersecurity with actionable, objective insight

With Trend Micro, you can gain the visibility and control you need to prioritize cyber risks, ensure defense posture, and support business transformation.

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Attack surface risk management

Rapid cyber asset discovery, automated risk scoring, security posture evaluation, and peer benchmarking come together to allow you to identify where you are most at risk and the mitigation actions that can reduce your exposure. Impactful visualizations and reporting help you communicate risk status and value metrics to key stakeholders.

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Market-leading XDR

Amplify your security team’s capacity to quickly identify, investigate, and respond to critical security events, minimizing the operational and financial impact on the business. Trend Vision One offers comprehensive XDR capabilities, so you can improve SOC efficiency and drive business value fast.

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Purpose-built cloud security

Our cloud security solution meets your security, development, and business needs. Harness hybrid multi-cloud, cloud-native application protection (CNAPP), and detection and response capabilities to protect your cloud transformation journey. Trend Cloud One enables your teams to build better architecture and applications and fulfill compliance, governance, or audit requests.

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Operational efficiency

Leverage Trend to drive solution consolidation for security effectiveness, productivity gains, and cost efficiencies. Reduce the risks that come with siloed solutions and a lack of integration across the existing security infrastructure. Adopt our managed services to alleviate overstretched teams, and free up resources for your priority programs.

What customers say
"I’ve had great success working with Trend Micro at three organizations. This history gave me the confidence to bring them in as a strategic partner to provide an integrated, one-platform solution that could meet all the company’s security needs.”
Ed Martinez,
Global CISO

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