Supposed Vacationers Needing Assistance Try Their Luck with You

 Analysis by: Chloe Ordonia

Beware of “mugging” claims from supposed friends or relatives travelling abroad. Scammers use this particular storyline, asking recipients to help out the supposed sender who got mugged while travelling in another country. The message content urges the recipient to contact the sender and to wire money. Promises of being paid back when the supposed sender arrives in the home country are also included in the message content, probably to reassure the recipient that the plea is true. We have observed and received a variety of these spammed messages, each message contains a variety of locations/countries where the supposed sender is vacationing.

It's summer in some parts of the world, and vacation and travelling are almost synonymous to summer, making this particular ploy believable. Email messages from unknown senders must be opened with caution. Always verify email content from trusted sources.

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