Bandage DCT

Bandage Damage Cleanup Template (DCT) is an immediate cleaning solution provided to address system infection cause by a specific malware.

This tool supports the following features:

  • Terminating a malware instance in memory
  • Removing malware registry entries
  • Removing malware entries from system files
  • Scanning for and deleting malware copies in specific locations

How To Use Bandage DCT

  1. Create a temporary folder and extract TSC_xxx.ZIP into this folder.
    (NOTE: This temporary folder should be created on a local drive.)
  2. Run the executable file TSC.EXE.
    (NOTE: This package generates a log file in the REPORT folder, similar to the one shown below.)
    {Report folder shown}
  3. Open the log file in Notepad or any text editor.
  4. Scroll down to the last section of the log file to view the results.
  5. Restart the system if the log file contains a pending system restart.
    {Reboot delete file shown}
  6. Perform a full scan of your computer using your Trend Micro product.
    (NOTE: It is important to perform full scan on your system including all fixed and mapped drives specially if you are cleaning USB malware.)
  7. Export the detection log (.CSV file) to verify that the detection no longer exists.

For any problems encountered, please collect the following files and submit to Trend Micro for verification:

  • log file inside REPORT folder
  • detection log (.CSV file)