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Supporting Our Kids' Physical, Mental, and Digital Wellness

Managing Family Life Online Webinar 11

Recorded: October 21 2020

Our increased dependence on the internet for school, work, and connection to others has created both challenges and opportunities for all families. As we keep our children home and safe, how do we ensure their time online is safe and healthy, too? How do we ensure their technology use is healthy and does not negatively impact their mental and physical health?

Trend Micro’s Lynette Owens is joined by guest Dr. Michael Rich, Director, Center on Media and Child Health and Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School. Together they discuss everything from the essence of true friendships to how we build a global village where authenticity is at the core of social media, how to use it right and ‘connect’ with others. The goal of the Managing Family Life Online Webinar Series is to empower parents, families and educators online.

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