Análisis realizado por Mary Aquino

As early as now, cybercriminals are already�leveraging the much-anticipated release of Apple's iPhone 5. TrendLabs engineers found spammed messages, which bore the subject, Finally. The amazing iPhone 5. Now available in black edition�and purports to come from It informs users that Apple's iPhone 5 in black is now available. Once users click on the link found in the email, it points them to http://{BLOCKED}�leading�to the download of a malicious file.

Users are strongly�advised to take caution when clicking any link on emails even if these come from a supposedly trusted source.

 Fecha/hora de bloqueo del spam: 08 de junio de 2011 GMT-8
  • Motor TMASE: 6.8
  • Patrón TMASE: 8188

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