The Crimeware Shopping List

How much does it cost to wreak cybercrime havoc?

In Russia, dedicated-server-hosting services can cost buyers US$50–190, depending on quality. In China, cybercriminals can boost their malicious iPhone® apps’ ranking so these would make the top 15 for US$4,900, the top 10 for US$6,400, and the top 5 for US$9,800. They can also purchase fake posts, comments, views, and followers to boost the popularity of their specially crafted sites for less than US$1. Brazil is unique in that, cybercriminal wannabes can avail of fraud training for US$579. The better the goods’ quality, the greater the quantity required, and the harder they are to acquire, the more expensive they are.

To see the different cybercriminal underground markets, what types of data are being traded, and how much they're worth, view the interactive page that details the Global Black Market

PRODUCTS Underground Market Availability
Android™ short message service (SMS) forwarder source code
Apple’s App StoreSM user review
Bolware kit    
Business application account credentials    
Credit card credentials  
Credit card number checker    
Credit card number generator    
Exploit kit
Fake post/comment/view/follower
Fake site
Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) modem
iMessage®-spamming software
Online service account credential checker    
Phishing page    
Phone number list    
Phone-number-scanning hardware
Phone-number-scanning software
Premium service number
Proxy server host list  
Scanned fake document
Serial key
SMS server
SMS-spamming 3G modem    
SMS-spamming software    
SERVICES Underground Market Availability
Apple's App Store app-rank boosting
Dedicated-/Bulletproof-server hosting
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack
Fake document rework
iMessage spamming
Internet short message gateway spamming
Malware checking against security software
Proxy-server hosting
Remote access Trojan (RAT) rental
Real-number querying
SMS spamming    
Third-party Android-app-store-rank boosting
Traffic-to-download conversion  
Trojan attack
Virtual-private-network (VPN)-server hosting

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