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For Parents & Teachers

Get best practices, insights, and top tips from our Managing Family Life Online webinar series, our popular Cyber Academy videos and activities, plus more.

The Internet Safety Series for Kids age 7-10

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Understand what a password is, why it’s important and learn 3 password skills to keep you safe and secure.

2-Factor Authentication

Understand Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and how it can protect your accounts online.


Understand what privacy online really means and learn 4 privacy skills to protect you and your information online.


Learn why and how to keep your information secure online; plus 6 ways to practice strong security skills.

Healthy Habits

Understand why it is important to have healthy habits when using the internet and learn 7 healthy habits.

NEW Episodes – Now Available

  • Camera Safety
  • Time Online
  • Kindness
  • Safety Settings
  • Misinformation

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Managing Family Life Online

Webinar Series

Securing your online journey

Managing Family Life Online Webinar Series aims to continuously educating kids, families, and communities globally about the ever-changing threat landscape of our digital world. We invite subject matter experts for an hour of discussion on topics ranging from online security and safety to misinformation and fake news, from bullying to screen time usage, and more.

These webinars are free and available on demand in our website. Share it with family and friends, and in social media.


Trend Micro employees deliver free internet safety talks to students, parents and educators all around the world covering a wide range of safety topics.

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All internet safety resources are freely available and on demand complements of Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families Program.

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Internet Safety Blog

Let’s Talk TikTok Challenges

Let’s Talk TikTok Challenges

TikTok has been a source of refuge and fun for so many, both before but especially during the pandemic. Like YouTube, Instagram, and many apps before it, TikTok users are seeing a rise in “Challenges”; some are harmless, some are not. Whether...

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Screens Were a Playground, But Now They’re Everything

Screens Were a Playground, But Now They’re Everything

Supporting Our Kids’ Physical, Mental, and Digital Wellness To say the last seven months have changed the relationship you (and your kids) have with the internet and connected devices would be the understatement of the year. Since the start of the...

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