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With more than 1,700 stores in 70 countries, global sporting goods retailer Decathlon aims to bring the power of sport to the world by designing the best products at the best prices, always innovating for quality, sustainability, and performance. Decathlon’s shift toward digital operations—including creating a top online platform for customers and embracing innovations—introduced multiple security challenges. The company partnered with Trend to ensure a streamlined security approach through Decathlon’s digital expansion.

Trend Micro offers us important security coverage, with solutions for the cloud, the internet of things (IoT), and so on. There are not a lot of companies that can help us across all of those parameters.

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Matthieu Vanoost

Security Manager, Decathlon

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  • Provides a comprehensive view of security risk across the organization
  • Automates security incident data collection all in one platform, reducing alert fatigue while saving money and time
  • Facilitates easy set up and one-click parameter expansion


Centralization and automation are at the heart of Decathlon’s cybersecurity strategy. The company needed its infrastructure to integrate and share data security internally. It also needed to create global security standards and implement them quickly in an fastpaced business environment. “Decathlon is focused on innovation. We want to become the top sporting goods platform, so the digital side of the company has to be innovative and keep pace with technology changes,” says Matthieu Vanoost, security manager at Decathlon.

In its digital expansion, Decathlon wanted to ensure that the company’s retail units used the same cybersecurity protocols as the rest of the company. It also needed to establish good governance to secure all applications and other assets, while ensuring compliance with domestic and international cybersecurity regulations.


The Decathlon team was impressed with Trend’s versatile technology. And as the first vendor on the market offering extended detection and response (XDR) across email, network, server, and cloud workloads, Trend proved itself to be a multi-faceted partner that could meet Decathlon’s needs. “Trend offers us full security coverage from the cloud to endpoint devices and email. There are not a lot of companies that can help us across all of those parameters,” says Matthieu.

Matthieu and his team also found Trend to be a responsive partner, collaborating to solve problems and develop solutions in tandem. Trend readily accepted feedback and incorporated it into product updates, launches, and rollouts. “For me, the differentiator is the human touch, which is very important if you want to create a partnership. The human value is more important than the business,” says Matthieu.

For me the differentiator is the human touch, which is very important if you want to create a partnership. The human value is more important than the business.

Photo of Matthieu Vanoost

Matthieu Vanoost

Security Manager, Decathlon


Trend’s solutions have allowed Decathlon to aggressively pursue its digital vision with confidence. Decathlon deployed Trend Vision One™, Trend Micro Apex One™ as a Service, Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security, Trend Cloud One™—Workload Security, and Trend Micro™ XDR.

In addition to offering Decathlon a cohesive view of risk across the organization and allowing the company to become better prepared to manage potential vulnerabilities, Trend’s solutions provide flexibility when it comes to cost. “Trend’s pricing method is great because there is no risk. If our cloud adoption increases, we pay more as you go. If adoption decreases, we pay less. This flexibility allows us to increase and contract when needed, giving us significant cost savings compared to older pricing models,” says Matthieu.


“We found Trend Vision One and Cloud App Security to secure our 100,000 Google users, easy to set up and deploy—which has been a major advantage,” says Matthieu. The company also benefited from Trend Vision One’s automatic collection of security incident data and how it collects information in one platform, reducing alert fatigue, saving time, and reducing costs. “The executive dashboards and risk insights help our security team present information to leadership and other stakeholders, as well as track progress made toward key performance indicators (KPIs),” says Matthieu.

Lastly, expanding to cover a new parameter can now be accomplished with ease—there is little to no manual management of technical set up required. “If you’re efficient—if you don’t need to get information from different platforms, you can activate a new perimeter with a click, and the data is sent directly through the platform—this is a big benefit,” Matthieu explains.


Establishing Decathlon as a digital leader in the sporting goods market in Europe and around the world is the priority for the company in the next few years. This requires maintaining and improving security as parameters shift and threats continue to escalate online. It also means working with industry-leading partners like Trend to ensure that state-of-the-art solutions are continuously driving business growth and innovation.

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