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Cloudticity strives to make every human on earth healthier through its work. Using groundbreaking automation, Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations design, build, migrate, and manage Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant solutions in the public cloud. Cloudticity has an ongoing relationship with Trend Micro, using Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ to deliver the security its clients need to protect patient information and meet regulatory requirements.

Today, as the volume and types of healthcare information increase, cyberattacks also increase and evolve in their sophistication. Cloudticity relies on Trend Micro to help it maintain a highly secure environment and its record of zero breaches in any system under its stewardship.

In our industry, the acceleration of movement toward cloud technologies has a human impact. When we remove concerns about infrastructure, we unleash our clients to do beautiful things for humanity.

Gerry Miller

Founder, CEO, CTO, Cloudticity


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  • Increases efficiency and profitability, automating up to 98% of daily tasks
  • Accelerates business growth with scalable cloud security
  • Protects personal health information for more than 100 million patients
  • Automates compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other healthcare industry regulations
  • Simplifies security management with single-console access to security information


Healthcare records are the single most valuable thing that a hacker can steal,” says Gerry Miller, founder, CEO, and CTO at Cloudticity. As an MSP serving many healthcare customers, Cloudticity is a significant target. The company must bring the highest levels of security to its clients while also helping them remain compliant with complex privacy frameworks like HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

Healthcare organizations also need to freely share patient information. As the industry strives to become more agile and integrate data from many sources, Cloudticity is supporting its clients by offering Microsoft® Azure® and Google Cloud Platform™ services, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS). This will further expand its security challenges.

Protecting this shared data in the cloud has become more complex as the infrastructure has expanded to include microservices and open-source environments. As a result, the company’s focus has evolved to include application architectures that improve agility and speed. “In our industry, the acceleration of movement toward cloud technologies has a human impact. When we remove concerns about infrastructure, we unleash our clients to do beautiful things for humanity,” says Miller.


Cloudticity has partnered with Trend Micro for over six years. “We take security very seriously. We looked for the best product out of the box, and Trend Micro consistently came up as a leader,” says Miller. Because Cloudticity is cloud native, Trend Micro’s leadership in protecting cloud workloads and containers was a big factor in Miller’s choice. He also appreciates the fact that Trend Micro has become increasingly MSPfriendly over the last several years. “They have a clear focus and priority to adapt both current and emerging products to work well with MSPs like us.”

Cloudticity’s relationship with Trend Micro is a significant advantage for Miller. “It’s incredible how well they listen to feedback. We hope we provide valuable feedback to them as well. It comes down to top-notch cloud workload and container technology, coupled with a solid relationship.”


With Deep Security, Cloudticity delivers the security its clients need to protect patient information and comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulations on the AWS cloud platform. “We’ve wrapped our services around Deep Security to offer a very compelling cloud security solution that resonates with our clients,” says Miller.

Deep Security delivers immediate protection when an AWS instance launches, and it sends alerts that flag potential problems. “Every piece of Deep Security is important to us—the powerful firewall, automated protection, intrusion detection, log monitoring, and the constantly updated anti-malware protection. In several cases, Deep Security’s intrusion detection alarms helped us identify configuration issues that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise,” says Miller.


“Cloudticity introduces an average of 30,000 to 50,000 lines of new code each month, and we have witnessed zero known breaches of any system under our stewardship. That translates to the protection of personal health information in the cloud for more than 100 million patients,” says Miller.

Trend Micro services work well with Cloudticity’s cloud-native business, which must frequently pivot to meet the changing needs of customers. “We are a small, agile, software-based company with a culture of embracing change. As changes occur and new regulations are implemented, we are agile enough to head off most negative impacts. It all comes down to helping our customers be their best. When they’re bogged down in server management, they’re not exercising their superpowers,” says Miller.

Cloudticity’s customers agree. “Partnering with Cloudticity has freed us to focus on developing our application, getting more customers, and driving revenue.” says Rob Visser, business and compliance analyst at Caredove. Michigan Health Information Network’s Chief Technology and Security Officer, Rich Fish, seconds that thought by saying, “They are pure healthcare, AWS experts. Cloudticity makes navigating the plethora of AWS services easy based on their expertise and understanding of both the industry and AWS.”


Miller anticipates benefiting from a future migration to Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for organizations building in the cloud. Trend Micro is building MSP-specific features into that solution with Cloudticity’s help. “We are excited about features like antivirus scans for objects that are dropped onto an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. The fact that it is multi-cloud is very helpful too.”

Trend Micro has made key acquisitions to help solve newer problems related to network security, container security, and serverless security—that’s a big plus for Miller and his team. “Trend Micro’s continuous feed of APIs helps us implement security where we need it, in a way that makes sense to our development teams.”

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