CTO Insight: Mobile App Devs Should Also Focus on Mobile Security

Whether you’re looking for a new diet plan, a popular game, or a music service, you’re most likely to find at least ten mobile apps for each of those needs. Thanks to the constant stream of new mobile apps created by innovative developers, you’re no longer bound by mere necessity, but welcomed by an endless selection of products and services packaged as nifty apps that cater to all your interests.  In this post-PC era where getting online doesn’t require a desk anymore, what else can limit the possibility of being connected?

Being mobile these days ironically translates to being in one place while accessing time-travelling to different zones, or moments as we juggle jobs, social interactions, and other commitments. Amazingly, our respective mobile apps can hasten our workload and allow us the convenience of purchasing on a whim, not to mention make the most out of our social liberties.

Meanwhile, app developers are constantly looking for more ways to improve these apps and innovate on better technologies to refine user experience. However, security and privacy remains a critical issue as many apps still make users susceptible to mobile attacks. App developers must recognize the importance of improving their app's security measures by applying safe coding practices and by adhering to security trends. Developing new apps shouldn't just be about the best graphics or ease of use. They should also address the need for better security and user privacy and make this one of the app's best features.

While mobile apps can positively charge your lifestyle, there will always be flaws and risks to consider. Since we’re constantly connected and looking for new apps, cybercriminals are also busy crafting tactics to get your attention, bypass security, and violate your privacy or steal your information. They use ads, fake apps, and false notifications to lure users to download and install malicious apps.

Sadly, a lot of users are easily tricked without even realizing it. While enabling privacy and security features can help, it is not enough to detect hidden mobile vulnerabilities and malware as threats continue to evolve. We encourage users to make sure that apps are updated and to delete useless or malicious apps. Use robust security software on all their devices. Likewise, app developers must carefully inspect their apps prior to publishing them, and employ the right mobile security solutions to avert negative user impact.


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