Fake Messaging App Installers Promoted on Fraudulent Download Sites, Target Russian Users

Analysis and Insights by Raphael Centeno

Fake installers of popular messaging apps are being propagated via fraudulent download sites, as disclosed in a series of tweets by a security researcher from CronUp. We also encountered samples of the said files. The sites and the apps are in the Russian language and are aiming to bait Russian users. 

The files have different filenames but have the same hashes. They seemed to be corrupted and cannot be launched when the researchers tried to execute them. Further investigation revealed that they exhibit adware-like qualities.

Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any piece of software or application that displays advertisements, which appear as pop-up or pop-under windows. Most users unwittingly install adware by downloading freeware like toolbars, HD wallpapers, or widgets on PCs, or through some mobile apps. Although not outright malicious and considered as grayware, unwanted ads can be disruptive to some users. Adware can also possibly cause slower device and network performance.

Figure 1. Fake download site for Telegram app

Figure 2. Fake download site for Viber app

Figure 3. Fake download site for WhatsApp

Figure 4. Fake download site for Zoom app

Fake apps are not the only ones used in suspicious activities; in fact, even legitimate installers (those found in fraudulent websites and not from official download sites) are not spared. Many cybercriminals bundle malicious files with legitimate installers of apps for communication and other uses. Once these files are downloaded, threat actors can possibly spread malware or gain unauthorized access to the users’ devices and systems.


Steering clear of fake apps

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many organizations to transition to a work-from-home setup. These arrangements heavily depend on communication apps to facilitate real-time interaction between remote team members, which is why securing the tools used in this setup is important.

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Users should only download apps from their official download sites. If downloading from app stores such as the App Store or Google Play, users should examine whether the apps are legitimate or replicas. Tell-tale signs of counterfeit apps include a low number of downloads, low ratings, and bad feedback. Whether downloading from download sites or app stores, users should scrutinize the apps as fake apps and fraudulent download sites imitate the name and the design of their genuine counterparts.

Incorporating a multilayered approach to security can also safeguard users against such threats.


Indicators of Compromise


  • www[.]my-skype-now[.]com
  • www[.]nod32-downloads[.]com
  • www[.]skype-msetup[.]ru
  • www[.]telegram-download[.]net
  • www[.]viber-desktop[.]com
  • www[.]whatsapp-msetup[.]ru
  • www[.]zoom-download[.]com
File Name SHA-256 Trend Micro Pattern Detection
nod32_msetup_[30894859].exe c3bd85744c78695db241d14ccce676558eafccdecc33d79ab3c5904457c0ea11 PUA.Win32.MulSetup.THA
telegram_msetup_[30894476].exe c3bd85744c78695db241d14ccce676558eafccdecc33d79ab3c5904457c0ea11 PUA.Win32.MulSetup.THA
c3bd85744c78695db241d14ccce676558eafccdecc33d79ab3c5904457c0ea11 PUA.Win32.MulSetup.THA
zoom_msetup_[30893603].exe c3bd85744c78695db241d14ccce676558eafccdecc33d79ab3c5904457c0ea11 PUA.Win32.MulSetup.THA
zoom_msetup_[30894479].exe c3bd85744c78695db241d14ccce676558eafccdecc33d79ab3c5904457c0ea11 PUA.Win32.MulSetup.THA

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