United Arab Bank

Leverages Trend Micro Security’s Automated and Integrated Solutions


United Arab Bank, P.J.S.C. (UAB) is among the longest-standing and most innovative banking and financial services firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Based in Sharjah, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, United Arab Bank was incorporated in 1975. United Arab Bank operates seven corporate and retail branches throughout the country.

United Arab Bank’s offerings include corporate and retail banking, trade finance, and treasury services. The bank is seeing strong feedback on its “Sadara” premium banking service and Islamic banking services and aims to further grow its retail customer bank.

Over the past year, United Arab Bank has strengthened its core business and optimized costs to position for future growth.


Major challenges in the banking and finance sector include minimizing operational risk from internal processes and meeting strict government and industry compliance regulations.

United Arab Bank’s legacy anti-malware software was not robust enough to monitor employee and customer behavior, or to prevent the wide range of increasingly complex cyberattacks. Managing encryption was also time consuming, with lost credentials taking eight hours on average.

Due to the evolving threat landscape, including banking malware, United Arab Bank conducted a survey of cybersecurity vendors and decided to upgrade its solutions with Trend Micro.

"United Arab Bank’s security transformation shows how banks can leverage Trend Micro’s security integration and automation to defend against cyber threats, enhance business processes, and keep customers’ trust."

Ayman AlQudsi
Chief Information Officer
United Arab Bank

Why Trend Micro

One of the main selling points has been Trend Micro’s research and development— especially Trend Micro Research security roundups and predictions reports.

In addition, Trend Micro XGen™ security capabilities provide United Arab Bank with a layered security approach that can quickly protect, detect, and respond to new threats. In addition, UAB have improved visibility and streamlined investigation across their entire IT infrastructure by adding an endpoint detection and response layer on top of the same agent.

“Connectivity, smart devices, and e-commerce are all fueling the record number of threats in the Middle East’s banking sector,” says Ayman AlQudsi, Chief information Officer at United Arab Bank. “United Arab Bank’s security transformation shows how banks can leverage Trend Micro’s security integration and automation to defend against cyber threats, enhance business processes, and keep customers’ trust.”


United Arab Bank has replaced its legacy anti-malware software with Trend Micro’s secure digital platform, which includes full network visibility and management of cyber threats, including advanced persistent threats (APTs).

In particular, United Arab Bank has deployed Trend Micro solutions: Smart Protection Complete covers user protection including endpoint security and email to protect UAB’s internal email exchange as well, Deep Security software for workload runtime security, and EDR for real-time threat detection and response. United Arab Bank has also integrated Trend Micro solutions with the VMware NSX virtualization software.

"Trend Micro’s automated and integrated security solutions, and its strong research and development, are key for our competitiveness, our compliance, and staying ahead of the curve."

Mahmoud Yassin
Head of Information Security
United Arab Bank


United Arab Bank is already seeing impressive results—with virtual patching, malware protection, user behavior, and malicious activity monitoring applied for 500 users running 60 systems and apps across 1,000 servers.

For example, United Arab Bank reduced time to manage encryption from eight hours to two hours, detects over 80% of cyber threats, and quickly and easily deploys security agents.

“In the face of rising cyber threats against banks in the region, United Arab Bank’s security transformation with Trend Micro assures our customers that they are banking on the most secure banking platform,” says Mahmoud Yassin, Head of Information Security at United Arab Bank.

What's Next?

United Arab Bank is continuing to implement industry best practice and develop shared services and product offerings with its partner banks across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Central to United Arab Bank’s mission is to adopt an innovative banking approach that can continue to deliver a superior customer experience.

United Arab Bank is working closely with Trend Micro on next-generation solutions such as Trend Micro™ Intrusion Protection to protect the environment from known and undisclosed vulnerabilities, Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector to detect targeted attacks and ransomware anywhere in the network (including north-south and east-west network traffic) and detect zero-day exploits and malicious communications, as well as Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer to extend the value of their Trend Micro solutions by using a centralized custom sandbox to send suspicious files for analysis and share that intelligence to achieve a connect threat defense strategy.

As both the UAE and United Arab Bank are set to mark their 50th anniversary Golden Jubilees in the 2020s, United Arab Bank is ideally-positioned to continue to play a leading role in securing the banking and financial services for customers in the UAE and the GCC for years to come.

“Trend Micro’s automated and integrated security solutions and its strong research and development are key for United Arab Bank’s competitiveness, our compliance, and staying ahead of the curve,” says Mahmoud Yassin, Head of Information Security at United Arab Bank