Summit Carbon Solutions

World’s leading planet-protecting technology secured by Trend Micro's platform


Summit Carbon Solutions was founded in 2020 with the goal of decarbonizing the biofuel and agriculture industries via carbon capture and sequestration.
In developing the largest carbon capture and storage project in the world, the company seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved by connecting industrial facilities via strategic infrastructure. Over 15 million tons of carbon is collected each year and is stored safely and permanently in the Midwestern United States. To adapt quickly, CIO and CTO Jason Cradit is focused on working with strategic partners like Trend Micro.


Summit Carbon Solutions’ rapidly expanding employee base is both distributed and mobile, making endpoint security an ongoing challenge. Security for burgeoning IoT operations is crucial, as is compliance with government security mandates. As a startup that has successfully raised funding, Summit Carbon Solutions must continuously demonstrate that its security infrastructure is capable of fully protecting assets and data.

"For the AWS workloads, Trend Micro helps us to protect our data to make sure we can certify where we keep our carbon."

Jason Cradit

Jason Cradit
CIO, CTO, Summit Carbon Solutions

Why Trend Micro?

Having been a customer for almost 10 years across several different companies, Cradit knew Trend would be a great partner for Summit Carbon Solutions’ dynamic growth, “It was so important to us to have a vendor that could go where we needed and grow as we needed,” says Cradit.
With the company’s environment being 100% in the cloud, the choice was also a technical decision. “Having a solid understanding of the cloud was incredibly important,” says Cradit. “We needed a partner that could grow with us in a multi-cloud environment and move as fast as we need them to, while also providing us with a sense of peace that we are secure.”


With Trend Cloud One and Trend Vision One solutions deployed, Cradit has gained the visibility needed for his environment.
“For the AWS workloads, Trend Micro helps us to protect our data to make sure we can certify where we keep our carbon. Trend Cloud One helps us to protect the data that we have everywhere. We have machines, computers distributed so Trend Cloud One gives us one central pane of glass to see and secure it,” says Cradit.
Additionally, as his company is currently in the engineering design phase of a massive move into IoT, Cradit is looking at TXOneTM for managing the unique security challenges of IoT. “It’s the right technology for us because it’s a field-ready platform,” says Cradit. “It’s exciting to me because it’s all the same ecosystem. TXOne flows into Trend Vision One for management and reporting.”

"Vision One is amazing. The ability to see and track a threat from potential to attack."

Jason Cradit
CIO, CTO, Summit Carbon Solutions


Trend has simplified and enhanced the process of detecting, tracking, and countering threats for Cradit and his team. “Trend Vision One is amazing. The ability to see and track a threat from potential to attack, seeing how it exploited a vulnerability, and playing with it from a reporting perspective gives you the comfort that you have all the information and knowledge you could ever need,” says Cradit.
The optimization and scalability of all Trend solutions makes Cradit’s job easier, as it’s an advantage over a security solution cobbled together from multiple vendors. “All Trend Micro products share common ways of presenting information that creates a cohesion among all the applications. I can jump from one to another and know what I’m going to get,” says Cradit.

What's Next

Summit Carbon Solutions’ growth has been remarkably dynamic. Although the company is already a leader, there’s plenty of room for expansion. “I know that as the company grows, as I add the next thing—such as containerized security options applications—Trend Micro is going to be there for me,” says Cradit.
Through years of fruitful collaboration, Cradit has taken on his latest challenges knowing that Trend is a partner. “That feeling of togetherness and how we build and deploy according to need—it’s like we’re in this together. It’s a true partnership.”