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Hear Samer Mansour, Vice President, CISO talk about how the Trend Vision One™ platform helps detect more and respond faster to threats across the board without needing to cross borders.

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What do the XDR capabilities of the Trend Micro Vision One platform offer your organization?

Within this region we have multiple business units, multiple divisions and you would have multiple teams managing endpoints, networks etc. The XDR platform afforded us the opportunity to ingest all the information in one place and allowed our cyber security team to act on offenses and events across the board without the need to cross borders between the different IT organizations.

What is the value of having a platform that can extend visibility and XDR capabilities across multiple security layers?

From a visibility perspective, almost every company out there has their traditional sandbox, platform that allows you to ingest data from different endpoints but the difference is the XDR platform allowed us to connect our endpoints, connect our network sensors and email CAS (Cloud App Security) application where you can look at the threats from different layers and respond to it. Not only visualize it but also take action.

Without jumping border to talk to email support individuals and endpoint support team, the security team will have a single screen giving them visibility and command and control.

What does it mean to have a single console and single view for XDR?

Multiple screens are a big issue, generating multiple offenses and jumping them between different teams that generates fatigue for communications across the board. Having the single dashboard and control to visualize the threat patterns and allows us to action on them. It’s something we have been asking Trend for some time. I think you answered it and came to the rescue.

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