Integrated, agentless solution reduces security threats and simplifies management


Founded in 2000, Evalueserve is one of the world’s largest Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) companies. Its professional services include customized research and analytics. Evalueserve has over 2,600 employees in offices around the world, with Global Knowledge Centers in India, China, Chile, and Romania.


Evaluserve’s initial security solution was designed for agent-based protection of physical machines. When the company moved to a virtualized environment, they needed a security solution that wouldn’t reduce the performance of its production environment. The solution also needed to be compatible with its VMware infrastructure and cover thousands of employees across locations in several countries.


Evalueserve implemented Trend Micro™ Deep Security across 19 ESX servers for 100 virtual servers and 1,300 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) machines. The company also deployed Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ solution for endpoint protection, Trend MicroTM Scanmail™ Protection for Microsoft® Exchange™, Trend Micro™ Interscan™ Messaging Security Appliance (IMSVA), and Trend Micro Control Manager™ solution to provide central management capabilities.

"Trend Micro’s global partnership with VMware helped a lot—all the latest versions of VMware are supported by Trend Micro Deep Security. There were no compatibility issues while deploying the solution."

Sachin Jain
Chief Information Officer, Evalueserve


In addition to reducing the number of threats from malware and spyware, Trend Micro solutions were integrated with VMware vSheild Endpoint APIs to provide agentless security that did not affect performance. The solution also automated manual tasks, provided advanced reporting and central management that improved efficiency and paved the way for future expansion.