Security for cloud migration that won’t slow you down

Lost in cloud complexity

Whether you’re securing legacy applications in the data center, lifting and shifting workloads to the cloud, auto-scaling and self-provisioning, or fully leveraging the value of cloud automation and scalability with cloud-native, your security team is incredibly busy.

During migration and expansion, as you leverage multiple cloud instances, services, or providers, cloud sprawl makes it tough to keep your data and apps in check. Uncovering risks and protecting your evolving hybrid cloud environment adds to the challenge.


Unsecured critical data and apps

On-premises and cloud security require different strategies. Are your teams patching apps in the data center the same as in the cloud? And with cloud and vendor sprawl, are the cloud security policies across all cloud environments and applications consistent?


Blind spots across multiple distributed systems

As you build and deploy infrastructure in the cloud, are siloed views from disparate sources creating blind spots? These gaps can lead to misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, data leaks, security incidents, and other costly mistakes – sometimes without security teams realizing it.


Falling behind on compliance and governance

Because of the unique compliance challenges that the hybrid cloud poses, manually investigating if hybrid cloud infrastructure complies with regulations or standards is a tedious process. Each environment you use compounds the complexity.

The power of comprehensive hybrid cloud security

Gain the visibility and governance you need with Trend Cloud One™, the most trusted cloud security solution. At every stage in your cloud journey – be it physical, virtual, or cloud-native – our leading cloud security shows context-rich insights in one place. See risks across your environments – endpoints, workloads, cloud storage, containers, serverless, source code, the network, and cloud configurations – in development and at runtime.

Hybrid cloud protection

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Prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to risks in the data center and the cloud. Secure your endpoints, virtual machines, workloads, cloud storage, containers, serverless, and more.

Extensive automation for operational efficiencies

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Simplify and scale cloud migration. Save time and resources with automated security policies, deployments, monitoring, and compliance reporting across your data center and cloud.


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Empower all the teams involved in cloud migration and hybrid cloud security to protect the organization together. Break down visibility silos between ops, cloud, security, and dev teams to share insight and reduce risk.


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Cut time spent on compliance by 50% by consistently evaluating compliance, governance, and assurance requirements across your data center and public cloud infrastructure. Deliver requirements for GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST to necessary auditors and regulatory bodies while you transform.


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Trend Cloud One integrates with your overall cybersecurity architecture through our XDR and MDR platform. See and understand the impact of risk across your entire attack surface to protect your business.

Gain a context-rich view of your cloud resources in minutes

  • Identify threats in minutes
  • ROI up to 188%
  • Deliver security with no performance impact
  • Save up to 6,200 hours annually on security administration time
  • Keep data in your environment
  • Reduce costs of threat detection and response up to 27%
  • See all resources and security findings by AWS account
  • Review and take action with guided remediation of threats surfaced
  • Detect and prevent 100% of attacks against the Linux host

Cloud migration whiteboarding session

Mike Milner, VP Cloud Technology at Trend Micro, discusses best practices for securing your migration to the cloud.

Key considerations for cloud migration

Realizing the full value of cloud automation and scalability requires securing your migration from the very first step. Keep these crucial cloud security requirements in mind no matter where you are on your journey.

Secure end-of-support systems

Virtual patches delivered through an IPS ensure legacy systems stay protected from existing and future threats.

Security as code

“Shift left” and inject security into the development pipeline.

Vendor consolidation

One solution with broad coverage streamlines protecting your hybrid cloud.

Securing build and run time

With cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) capabilities you can meet the unique needs of security and development.


Combat complexity with a full view of your cloud assets.

Comprehensive APIs

Security baked into DevOps processes without disrupting your developers.

Accelerated compliance

Stay ahead of changing requirements with continuous monitoring.

Integrated XDR and MDR

Cut through silos with multi-layer data collection and correlation.

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Security for cloud migration that won’t slow you down