Open Source Visibility for Data-Driven Security Decisions

Eliminate blind spots for security teams across open source development risks

Implement security early in your application development

Trend Micro, a leader in cloud security, and Snyk, a leader in developer-first security for open-source, have partnered to help ensure that the software your organisation builds and deploys is protected from exploits in the ever-shifting cyber threat landscape.

Open source packages are the foundation for application development and accelerate time to market. However, security teams lack the visibility to help identify the impact of open source code and dependency risks across their organisation’s application development environments.

Hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities in open source packages and dependencies to carry out attacks across multiple organisations that are using the same unsecured source code in their applications. For example, all versions of NodeJS package (1337qq-js) contain malicious code, which exfiltrates sensitive information through install scripts and targets UNIX systems.

While it can be difficult for application developers to keep track of all of the code packages they are using, it becomes an even greater challenge for security teams to keep track of open source package vulnerabilities and patches across the entire organisation.

The value of the partnership

Responding to security challenges

Introducing Trend Micro Cloud One – Open Source Security by Snyk

Bringing security and developer teams together

We don’t overlook development teams – we help them become security savvy

Imagine cloud builders and cloud security engineers having complete collaboration and coverage from code creation to runtime—across any development environment from the moment open-source code is introduced, without interrupting the software delivery process.

Together with Snyk, we bring developer and security operations teams closer with the first ever purpose-built service for greater focus and collaboration of security across the build and operations life cycle.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Open Source Security by Snyk automatically finds, prioritises, and reports vulnerabilities and license risks in open source dependencies used by your applications. Delivered as part of the Trend Micro Cloud One security platform designed for cloud builders, it provides security teams with complete protection for their organisation.

Open Source Security  helps security teams maintain pace with application development through a systematic view into risks that can impact the business and its customers.

Through Trend Micro Cloud One, security operations teams can maintain an understanding of the known risks in their development projects, prioritise critical issues to monitor in the console, and discuss any concerns with development teams. This gives security professionals the ability to manage risks for the CISO while improving application security and best practices with development.

  • Gain visibility directly from source code management and build pipelines
  • Manage the risk of open-source vulnerabilities
  • Direct and help solve security issues before they become a threat

Learn what vulnerabilities are currently in your container images

According to Gartner Research

90% of technologists rely on open-source components. 1

This expanding partnership complements the existing use of Snyk’s source code vulnerability scanning in Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Container Security.

Container Security provides best-in-class container admission and runtime controls as well as container image scanning for detecting security concerns, including malware, secrets and keys, compliance violations, and vulnerabilities.

Open source software dependencies can lead to vulnerabilities in your code, ultimately exposing software to exploitation and possibly the loss of confidential information.

With the inclusion of Synk’s open source vulnerability database, Container Security shifts security even further left by extending vulnerability detection to include open-source code for container image and registry requirements.

What capabilities are available today with Open Source Security?

  • Complete service for security teams to monitor open source vulnerabilities and license risks within code repositories
  • Monitor trends across your entire organisation’s open source landscape through dashboards and reports
  • Identify vulnerabilities that are unknown to developers and find explicit remediation steps from the Snyk Knowledge Base
  • Automated open source Bill of Materials report to ensure compliance sooner
  • More collaboration between SecOps and DevOps teams, and helps establish best practices for DevOps teams to track risks


A match made in cloud one

Developers are no longer left in the dark – Trend Micro enables SecOps to work closer with DevOps with visibility of open source and container risks sooner.

With these sophisticated capabilities, paired with implementing security earlier in the development process, you no longer have to delay the deployment of your containers because of unforeseen threats.

About Snyk

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Snyk is a developer-first security solution that helps businesses use open source code and stay secure. Building on its unique vulnerability database, Snyk continuously finds and fixes known vulnerabilities and license violations in open-source dependencies. It integrates into the developer workflow and source control (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab), hooking into your CI/CD pipelines and continuously monitoring platform as a service (PaaS) and serverless apps in production.

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