New legal considerations for security professionals

With the new EU General Data Protection Regulation approaching, a UK study has found that organisations of all sizes are not prepared for the changes necessary to comply. This research report explores the current level of awareness among UK IT decision makers and outlines what organisations can do to best prepare for the new legislation.

Does your business have a process in place to notify the data protection authority within 72 hours?

Despite Britain voting to leave the EU, little in reality will change from a data protection and privacy perspective. In order to trade freely with the world’s largest single market, the UK government will have to enforce regulations on a par with the forthcoming regulation. The message is clear for UK IT security professionals: stay on the path towards GDPR compliance.

What the experts have to say

Who does the regulation apply to?
- The breach notification process
- The impact on IT decision making
- Who needs a Data Protection Officer?

How to prepare for the new regulation
- The main areas to address
- Infringement fines
- What technologies to consider

Let us help you get started

Navigating this complex regulation can be challenging for many organisations but the ‘time to act’ is now.
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