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As a leading analytics partner for hundreds of businesses globally, Evalueserve values their reputation for top performance and security. By bringing together data and research-based insights and advanced digital tools and platforms, they design solutions to help their clients build resilience. Because they are protected by Trend Micro, the company’s global team of more than 4,000 experts has been able to consistently support their customers, even with the disruption of the pandemic and worldwide shutdowns.

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  • Simplifies security with consolidated solutions
  • Improves visibility and manageability with a single view of the entire IT environment
  • Ensures business continuity with security and virtual patching for a remote workforce
  • Bolsters discovery of ransomware and other threats across Microsoft 365
  • Enables clients to satisfy global security and compliance requirements


Evalueserve’s clients include banks and healthcare organizations that must meet strict compliance and security regulations—a task that is becoming more challenging as companies move their workloads to the cloud. “We needed a single view of our environment in the cloud,” says Sachin Jain, chief information officer and chief information security officer, Evalueserve.

An early adopter of Microsoft 365®, Evalueserve also wanted to bolster the protection for its endpoints in the cloud. “Microsoft 365 is well protected, but it’s also a target for sophisticated phishing attacks. Our challenge is to ensure we are safe from phishing and ransomware. We needed to consolidate with one strong security solution,” says Jain.

Endpoint security has become even more critical during the pandemic, with 90% of Evalueserve employees working from home. “Home networks are generally not secure. We needed to figure out a way to protect over 4,000 employees,” says Jain.

Trend Micro’s stability and the longevity of their staff is rare in this industry. That’s reassuring when we want to try something new.

Sachin Jain

CIO and CISO, Evalueserve


In a sense, Evalueserve and Trend Micro grew up together. Both companies were relatively new when Evalueserve brought Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ (now Trend Micro Apex One™) on board to enhance endpoint protection. “We needed a security vendor that could meet our needs at a reasonable cost. That’s exactly what Trend Micro did,” says Jain.

As both companies grew over the years and their relationship evolved, Jain says stability also became a strong differentiator. “Trend Micro’s stability and the longevity of their staff is rare in this industry. That’s reassuring when we want to try something new,” says Jain.

For example, Evalueserve was one of the first companies to adopt Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ for their virtualized environment. “I trusted Trend Micro. Trend Micro supported us, listened to us, and made changes to the product in response to our feedback. It’s those reasons that Deep Security is an important piece of our platform today,” says Jain.

With all our employees working from home, Cloud App Security has provided us with confidence that our cloud applications are secure.

Sachin Jain

CIO and CISO, Evalueserve


In addition to Apex One, Evalueserve relies on Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security to protect their Microsoft 365 environment. “With all our employees working from home, Cloud App Security has provided us with confidence that our cloud applications are secure.”

In 2012, the company began using Deep Security to provide security and virtual patching for their new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, which includes 2,000 virtual desktops. The company also uses Deep Security to ensure that their clients meet global compliance and security requirements. “The reports generated by Deep Security are comprehensive. We rarely get any follow-up questions. We have great confidence that the Trend Micro system will find and report any issues,” says Jain.

Today, Evalueserve is adopting the cloud to help clients align with the speed of change. As part of that effort, Evalueserve recently had a demo of Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for organizations building in the cloud, to secure Microsoft® Azure® workloads. “Because it comes from a trusted partner, we know it will be easy for us to adopt and scale this solution,” says Jain.


With Deep Security, Evalueserve was able to simplify their security from multiple products to a consolidated solution with a single view of their entire IT environment. The solution also enables Evalueserve to ensure security and compliance for their clients. As well, Evalueserve uses Cloud App Security and Trend Micro™ Email Security to keep their endpoints secure.

Deep Security’s virtual patching is also helping Evalueserve secure their remote workforce during COVID-19. “When the pandemic struck, everything happened very suddenly. Nobody wanted to go to the office, so we had no way to patch our systems. Virtual patching became very handy,” says Jain. In fact, the agility of Trend Micro’s solutions has proven invaluable in the crisis. “If we have to implement something new, it’s easy. That was very helpful during the pandemic. It took us just a few hours to transition the entire company to remote work,” Jain says.


“We follow a cloud-first strategy across our company. Our focus has gone to the cloud when it comes to security,” says Jain. In support of this, Evalueserve plans to adopt Trend Micro Cloud One in the near future and is currently conducting a proof of concept project using that solution.

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