How Premium Service Abusers Affect You

The High Cost of Premium Service Abusers View infographic: The High Cost of Premium Service Abusers

A premium service abuser, just like its name states, is a type of mobile malware that takes advantage premium mobile services. This malicious app does this in secret, of course. It's so stealthy you won't even know that your device is sending out messages to premium numbers or doing other activities in the background that could cost you. 

Very often, the only way you'll realize you've been infected by one is when your mobile carrier is charging way too much than a few messages and calls. Unless you have a penchant for drunk dialing numbers from across the continent, there's obviously something wrong.

How do you get infected by one?

There are several ways a premium service abuser gets into your mobile device. But more often than not, this mobile threat is disguised as one of many free legitimate apps available to everyone. If you're not careful in screening each app you install, you may get infected.

How do you protect yourself?

Installing a mobile security solution is one way. Any mobile solution that uses mobile app reputation will help you avoid installing malicious apps onto your device.

Another way is being stricter when it comes to picking apps. You have to make sure the sites you’re downloading apps from are reputable. You also have to take note of each and every permission your apps are asking you to grant. A weight loss app, for example, may have the right to tell you to layoff the lattes, but it has no business in making phone calls on your behalf.

To get a better picture of premium services abusers and what other things they can do on your mobile device, check out our infographic, The High Cost of Premium Service Abusers.
The High Cost of Premium Service Abusers

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