* indicates a new version of an existing rule

Deep Packet Inspection Rules:

DNS Client
1010766* - Identified Non Existing DNS Resource Record (RR) Types In DNS Traffic

SSL Client Applications
1001113* - SSL/TLS Client (ATT&CK T1573.002, T1071.001)

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
1011271 - SolarWinds Orion Platform Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-35234) - 1
1011272 - SolarWinds Orion Platform Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-35234) - 2

Suspicious Server Application Activity
1003594* - Detected SSL/TLS Server Traffic (ATT&CK T1573.002, T1071.001)

Web Application PHP Based
1011319* - WordPress '404 to 301' Plugin Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2015-9323)
1011314* - WordPress 'Contact Form Check Tester' Plugin Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2021-24247)
1011305* - WordPress 'Domain Check' Plugin Reflected Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2021-24926)
1011337 - WordPress 'Download Monitor' Plugin Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2021-23174)
1011335 - WordPress 'Mortgage-Calculators-Wp' Plugin Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2021-24904)
1011334 - WordPress 'Paid Memberships Pro' Plugin SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2021-25114)
1011320 - WordPress 'Post Grid' Plugin Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2021-24488)
1011341 - WordPress 'WP Statistics' Plugin Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2022-0651)
1011324* - WordPress 'WP User Frontend' Plugin SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2021-25076)
1011321 - WordPress 'WooCommerce Product Slider' Plugin Reflected Cross Site Vulnerability (CVE-2021-24300)
1011313* - WordPress 'secure-copy-content-protection' Plugin SQL Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2021-24931)

Web Application Ruby Based
1011332 - Grafana Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2021-39226)

Web Client Common
1011133* - Microsoft Visual Studio Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2021-36952)

Web Server HTTPS
1011336 - Identified Zabbix Frontend SAML SSO Authentication Request

Web Server Miscellaneous
1011297 - Jenkins 'Badger' Plugin Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2022-23108)

Web Server Nagios
1011326* - Nagios XI AutoDiscovery Component Path Traversal Vulnerability (CVE-2021-37343)

Web Server SharePoint
1011318* - Microsoft SharePoint Server Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2021-42309)

1011338 - Webmin Improper Access Control Vulnerability (CVE-2022-0824)

Zoho ManageEngine
1011327* - Zoho ManageEngine ADManager Plus Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability (CVE-2021-37926)
1011329 - Zoho ManageEngine OpManager SumPDU Multiple Java Deserialization Vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-28653 and CVE-2021-3287)
1011317* - Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Stored Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2021-46065)

Integrity Monitoring Rules:

There are no new or updated Integrity Monitoring Rules in this Security Update.

Log Inspection Rules:

1002831* - Unix - Syslog