Since the beginning of the pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%, with 66% of all small businesses suffering an attack in the last year.

As a SaaS Reseller and/or MSP, you need to ensure that you have a comprehensive and robust cyber security offering that will provide your customers with an effective defence against existing and emerging cyber threats.

On this site, you can watch on-demand episodes of our Let's Talk SAAS & MSP series and download our latest eBooks and infographics which give valuable insights ensuring your security offering delivers a comprehensive defence.

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Let's Talk Saas & MSP - End Users Are Not Willing To Pay More

We challenge the assumption that end-users are not willing to pay more and how we must communicate the value of our security offering. We will share 9 questions you can ask your customers and are joined by our friends at Canalys to explore the traits of a successful services and SaaS partner.

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How to transform your Cyber Security Sales Strategy
In this eBook, we explore how to demonstrate the value of cyber security in the modern IT landscape, and the various methods by which to sell protective solutions to end users. We will teach you how best to express the very real advantages of managed cyber security services to your customers and thereby transform your MSP’s sales pitch.

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - The Changing Security Landscape Broadcast 1

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - The Changing Security Landscape Broadcast 2

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The Changing Cyber Security Landscape
Following on from broadcast 1, The Changing Cyber Security Landscape, this eBook thoroughly covers the key topics and points discussed. As cyber threats continue to evolve, these learnings will help to ensure your MSP’s security offering delivers a comprehensive defence.

The Changing Cyber Security Landscape
The cyber security landscape is always evolving. As an MSP, you need to prepare an effective defence to protect your customers. By looking back at the cyber threats of 2021, and ahead to those of 2022, we will help you, the MSP, to deliver the strongest possible cyber security services. In our latest Infographic, we look at the Effect of COVID-19 on Cyber Crime