Backdoors: What They Are and How to Defend Networks against Them

Defending Against Backdoor Techniques Used in Targeted Attacks View primer: Defending Against Backdoor Techniques Used in Targeted Attacks

Backdoors, applications that open computers to remote access, are an essential part of targeted attacks. Backdoors enable threat actors to gain command-and-control and move laterally across their targeted network.  Based on our previous investigation, many targeted attacks reflected that various tactics are used by backdoors to carry out their routines while remaining undetected by network administrators and security software products. Additionally, these techniques have evolved overtime as IT admins started to employ more sophisticated network defenses.

IT or system admins are naturally cautious about their network’s safety. IT professionals are expected to protect their network, with firewalls, secure all mobile stations, and deploy security software across all platforms.  Because data breach, malware, and other forms of cyber attacks continuously threaten company networks, it is very important to secure its environment with the right protection. However, slippery backdoors still manage to slip through the radar due to exploited vulnerabilities within the network.  

Before sensitive data is spied on and stolen, IT admins must beef up their network security against backdoor techniques used in targeted attacks by following our recommendations for best practices and solution technologies. These include firewall, network patterns, and anti-malware solutions. Furthermore, watch out for potential vulnerabilities and stay aware and updated on security.


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