Navigating a growing threat landscape

How financial services organisations can protect customer data, build trust, and stay compliant

Protecting financial services against changing and evolving threats

The relationship between financial services organisations and their customers is built on trust. Yet Trend Micro research shows that nearly three-quarters (72%) of firms have been compromised by ransomware at least once over the past three years. Amidst the increasingly complex threat landscape and expanding digital attack surface, learn how can you protect your business and keep your customer data safe:

Keep customer data safe

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Confidential customer financial data is the most popular cyberattack target. Whether you keep it in the cloud, in a data centre or on devices or endpoints, our connected solutions and central visibility can help keep your precious data safe.

Unify your cybersecurity

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The future of finance is digital, yet the cloud in particular creates more potential vulnerabilities for criminals to exploit. Our unified cybersecurity platform provides the visibility and protection you need across the entire attack surface.

Meet compliance needs

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Financial services is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Our easy-to-use security solutions can help you build a more risk-aware, risk-resilient and compliant organisation and protect it from costly reputational damage.

Find out more about the security challenges facing financial services organisations

Assess your risk as the global attack surface evolves

Visibility and control of the digital attack service is key to better understanding and managing cyber risk. Yet over half of financial services organisations admit their method of assessing risk exposure isn’t sophisticated enough. Trend Vision One Risk Insights surfaces the amount of risk faced in the systems and applications making up your corporate environment.

Visibility across your evolving digital attack surface

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of the IT and business leaders admit they have blind spots in trying to secure their attack surface. 

Those organisations that employ strategies aligned with XDR:

  • Experience half as many attacks
  • Are 2.2x times more likely to detect a data breach or successful attack in only a few days or less
  • Report less daily stress on teams - 99% reduction in alert overload and 50% less time spent on compliance

Save Up to 60% savings on security costs - calculate your annual security and operational savings

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