Secures public cloud environments for enterprise customers across Asia


Kogo is a leading provider of business to business managed IT infrastructure services to a wide range of SMBs both national and international. Kogo provides tailor made support packages to companies ensuring their requirements are met from prepaid support hours to 24/7 support contracts. In addition to support, Kogo offers managed services and solutions, including business continuity, cyber security, disaster recovery, and more.

Kogo prides itself on its reputation for exemplary customer service and on maintaining an average of over 95% positive client satisfaction rating. Its partnership with Trend Micro ensures that Kogo can provide enterprise level security solutions while still delivering a personal touch. Clients are each assigned an account manager who champions their individual needs, learning their systems and getting to know them personally to deliver the best possible IT solutions and support.


With threats progressively becoming more advanced, businesses have required ever-more sophisticated security solutions in order to safely continue with their work. The growth in the portfolio of Trend Micro products and the specialised training the company offers have allowed Kogo to continue to provide in-depth technical knowledge needed to install, deploy, and manage the right solutions for its clients.

Kogo needed sophisticated, advanced end point security and assessed various leading security solutions with Trend Micro emerging as the front runner. As clearly proven by Trend Micro leading the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the company is a well trusted and effective tool in the arsenal against cyber-crime.


Trend Micro provides a range of products covering the home user through SMBs to enterprise level, allowing smaller businesses access to technology that was initially built to protect far larger businesses. With their XGen™ security, which is based on predictive machine learning, all users are protected from even the newest and most unexpected threats with centralized visibility and control and automatic sharing of threat intelligence across security layers.

Kogo’s team of experienced engineers are given the freedom to choose the solutions that best support their needs. That is why Trend Micro was unanimously selected as Kogo’s antivirus offering. Eddie Heron, technical lead of the engineering team, said about this selection process: “Our engineers love to install Trend’s products, and our client’s see better results right away. It’s so popular here at Kogo most of the team use Trend at home too!” -Eddie Heron, Technical Manager

With unbeatable value for money and easy to use software, all of which delivers exceptional results, it’s not hard to see why Trend Micro has always remained Kogo’s number one choice.

Trend Micro’s Remote Manager monitors the networks of customers with large desktop deployments and provides information and security when a customer’s desktop is at risk; . Trend then prevents the virus from entering and informs customers of the infection before they even know it had happened. As a company who believes in a multi- layered approach to protecting its own and its clients’ software, Kogo uses Trend Micro as one of these layers of security to provide strong, effective protection against viruses.

Our engineers love to install Trend Micro’s products, and our client’s see better results right away. It’s so popular here at Kogo most of the team use Trend Micro at home too!

Eddie Heron,
Technical Manager, KOGO


Kogo is one of the longest standing Trend Micro Partners with over 20 years of’ experience with its products. Kogo’s MD, Martin Bannister, has completely believed in Trend Micro since 1998 as the best possible solution in anti-virus protection for businesses and Kogo is now a Trend Micro Silver Partner, showing that the trust and partnership with Trend Micro continues to grow.

Trend Micro has always delivered on its promises and continues to provide great service with excellent results, which is why Kogo strongly values the partnership with Trend and continues to invest its trust in Trend’s products and services.

“Trend Micro have been my preferred antivirus solution for going on 20 years now. Most of our clients have at least one Trend Micro solution and we’re constantly amazed by the service they deliver.” – Martin Bannister, MD of Kogo.

In 2016, Kogo was invited by Trend Micro to beta test the latest version of its security software prior to general release. Two software engineers and a project lead from Trend flew in from Asia and USA to work with Kogo’s own engineering team to roll the beta out to a selected participating client and monitor its performance. Kogo’s inclusion in this sensitive and important part of the development cycle was proof of the ongoing relationship with Trend, and the test itself went very well, with no issues for the client. Trend again reached out to Kogo in June 2017 to Beta test the Trend Micro Remote Manager v5.5, which Eddie Heron was happy to do and provide feedback.

Trend Micro has been my preferred endpoint solution solution for going on 20 years now. Most of our clients have at least one Trend Micro solution and we’re constantly amazed by the service they deliver.

Martin Bannister,
MD of Kogo

What's next

As a valued Trend Micro Silver Partner, Kogo believes that the partnership fits perfectly with the company’s overall vision of a more secure digital space for businesses. As a result, Kogo hopes the partnership will continue to evolve and expand in order to keep providing customers with the best possible antivirus software solutions.

Kogo is now striving towards achieving the various steps required to become a Trend Micro Gold Partner and further build on an already excellent relationship.