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About Picus Security

At Picus Security, we help organizations continuously validate, measure, and enhance the effectiveness of their security controls so that they can more accurately assess risks and strengthen cyber resilience. As the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS), our Complete Security Control Validation Platform is used by security teams worldwide to proactively identify security gaps and obtain actionable insights to address them. Picus has offices in North America, Europe, and APAC and is supported by a global network of channel and alliance partners.

About our integration with Trend Micro Tipping Point

The joint solution between Picus Security and Trend Micro TippingPoint provides better visibility, improved utilization, and boosted resilience against real threats. Picus Adversary Emulation replicates the activities of malicious actors on Trend Micro TippingPoint by using real threat samples and putting security control and monitoring technologies under continuous tests. These tests reveal gaps in defenses, log collection, and alerting capabilities. The Picus platform presents findings with content that shows how these gaps can be addressed so that defense capabilities can be improved continuously.

About our integration with Trend Micro Vision One XDR

Picus integrates with Trend Micro Vision One XDR to provide users with immediate visibility on detected and alerted threats and their detection gap, observe changes in their detection effectiveness over time, and continuously validate policies and detection rules using real-world TTPs.