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When it comes to stopping threats, every second matters. That’s why we built our LogRhythm SIEM platform for speed. It quickly identifies threats, collaborates on investigations, and then works to remediate with provably faster detection and response times. With LogRhythm SIEM operating as your team’s command center, your security team will become more effective and efficient.

LogRhythm and Trend Micro are partnering on a variety of upcoming integrations to further our partnership and offer the most advanced cybersecurity options. Our Open Collector integration currently uses the updated Trend Micro Observed Attack Techniques (OAT) API v3.0, and our partnership will expand to include the following upcoming offerings.

Upcoming offerings:

  • Trend Micro Workbench Alerts upcoming integration with LogRhythm SIEM - OAT API v3.0 provides detection data with enriched telemetry that matches MITRE ATT&CK, along with filters for Informational, Low, Medium, High and Critical alerts.
  • LogRhythm SmartResponse upcoming integration for Trend Micro

For a demonstration of how LogRhythm SIEM platform works, please watch our video: Tracking the Progression of an Attack on Critical Infrastructure in Real Time | SIEM Demo - YouTube